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Ten Commandments Wood Wall Plaque

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The Ten Commandments Wood Wall Plaque in Two-Tone Cherry

This piece still remains to be my favorite of all that we offer in Christian home decor.  While it is available in two sizes, nothing stands out like this large version weighing in at 36 pounds!!!  It doesn't matter if it's hanging on your wall at home or in the lobby at your church, this two-tone cherry plaque is beautiful way to display The Ten Commandments.  Isn't it a shame you won't see one hanging at your local public school? 

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Product Description

This Ten Commandments plaque is one of the most grand pieces we offer. The lightly stained carved plaque is levitated a half inch off of the dark stained back border. Often you can find this plaque adorning the walls of a business or church, and occasionally making a bold statement in a home. Each is intricately carved with great attention to detail, stained by hand and skillfully finished with a high quality conversion varnish. The final result is an heirloom quality plaque that will last generations.

LIGHT AND DARK CHERRY - 2Tone Raised Cherry Wall Plaque

Weight: 36.00 lbs

Inscription: The Ten Commandments: Thou shalt have no other gods before me…

Height: 36"

Width: 30"

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